Did You Know?

Your teeth are an important part of your body!

Strong and healthy teeth can help you chew yummy foods, speak clearly and give you a bright smile. A good start to having happy and healthy teeth is to take good care of them. Dr. Wolff is a dentist that is just for kids! By visiting Dr. Wolff and her team of tooth superstars regularly, you will be on your way to a lifetime of terrific smiles.

Dr. Wolff’s office is a special place for kids to have fun, learn about good dental care for children and explore!

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Kids Dental Office Hours

OFFICE HOURS Monday : 12pm–7.30pm Tuesday : 9am–5pm Wednesday : 9am–5pm (varies by week) Thursday : 9am–5pm Friday : 9am–4pm (varies by week)...


Kids Dental Topics

Frequently Covered Topics:Q: Is it okay if my child grinds their teeth? A. It is common for children to grind their teeth. Please point this out...