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My four children always have a great experience at Dr. Wolff’s office. Her staff is friendly and helpful. And Dr. Wolff is very thorough and kind. My kids have never been afraid to visit her office. A+ experience!

- Sue F.

Because our first experience was so wonderful, my daughter had been looking forward to this visit for a week! She was jumping up and down at school, so excited to tell all her teachers that she was going to the dentist! (Side note: all of those teachers then looked at me rather confused!) She couldn’t wait. From the second we arrived, every person welcomed us and showed great interest in my children.

Only one child was seeing the Dentist, but all three were given attention. Even Dr. Wolff was so enthusiastic and beamed with pride, telling Ellie how proud she was of her. The hygienist even showed Ellie her pictures of her mouth…explaining everything! I love their usage of the “sparkle” they put on her teeth. She then proudly shows her teeth to everyone she passes for the rest of the day.

I would shout from the rooftops my experience with this amazing office. Thank you for your enthusiasm, positivity, and caring nature with my children!!

- Stephanie V.

We love Doctor Wolffe! My boys look forward to going to her office, which is geared for kids to play or have fun watching the fish. She takes time to talk with you about your kids while engaging kids as well.

- Jeanette K.

I spent a long time looking for the right pediatric dentist for my children. She is far and away the best of those we’ve tried. Could not be happier.

- Melissa S.

My daughter arrived for her appt. to have a cavity filled. Having grown up having Dr. Wolff as her dentist, she was completely comfortable knowing she was in the best of hands/care. When she came out she was all smiles & I was told they didn’t need to numb her up and she did great. The whole way to the car she raved about how much fun she had with Dr. Wolff & the team. Such a blessing when you can take your kids to the dentist and they actually enjoy the experience!

- Cheri R.

Anytime I tell my kids it time to go the dentist and they get excited. I know I found the right place for them. Ages 5 and 8 they work with both of them to make sure they are comfortable and at the end of the cleaning/checkup they don’t even want to leave. It’s a thumbs up in my book! Thanks.

- Jenny B.

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